COMP_6341 Multimedia and Human Computer Interaction Final Project Report

Project name: “Case File”

Team Members:

  1. Fariz Ihsan Yazid
  2. Christopher Turman
  3. Jason Erniody


The final project for Construct 2 we’re making a game called “Case File”,the game is based on a detective game and twist chemistry. The game type we use is side scroll which moves the background and following camera and it similar to Visual Novel and Free Roam 2d scrolling when the player walks. Although this game quiet short but it still educative, achieving through the next level of the game you must answer a simple puzzle as the question , these game target audiences is high school students to make them easier understanding chemistry while playing game.

The game play for this game make player must use the keyboard to move forward and backward, mouse is used to interact with the puzzle, last but not least player need to use the space bar key for playing this game  in the level and also clicking the correct answer for the puzzle question. using the plat former behavior in player sprites, user only needs to use direction button to move and space to interact with objects, mean while space is used for continuing next dialogue. Our team also mention as well as that we have conditional event which set targets for users in order to avoid confusion during game play.


  • Fariz Ihsan Yazid (my contribution)
    • Game Concept
    • Story Design
    • Design Character and Tile sets (help)
    • Coding (help)
  • Christopher Turman
    • Game Concept,
    • Coding,
    • Story Design(help),
    • Design Character and Tile sets( help)
  • Jason Erniody
    • Game Concept,
    • Design Character and Tile sets,
    • Story Design (help),
    • Coding(help)

Note: (help) means assisting the lead contributor

list of homemade resources:

  • Game Sprite (rectangle sprites, and so on)
  • Game Tilesets(sprites for alley and apartment interior)
  • Game Title Asset(Title and button)
    List of resources taken from internet/ credits:

List of resources from Internet:

  • Game Character Mugshot (
  • Game Source of Music (
  • Various Background Scene (various artist of DA and Artstation (several Zerochan as well))
  • Puzzle Background (Pinterest)


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