COMP_6341 Multimedia and Human Computer Interaction Final Project

Proposal of Final Project of Multimedia and Human Computer Interaction Course

Team Member

  1. Fariz Ihsan Yazid (2101677091)
  2. Christopher Turman ( 2101693643 )
  3. Jason Erniody ( 2101693510 )

In this semester’s our final project we’ll implement some aspect of biology and chemistry. The intention of this game is to encourage student to learn new facts about chemistry and biology. Our game are going to have certain features such as player will roam freely throughout the map while solving the case. Dual ending will also be implemented such if you can’t guess the suspect you’ll have bad ending. the part that our team will put the implementation of biology and chemistry as a mini games

the summary of our game :

this is the plot of our game, back in 20 year earlier before the story begin you are a private investigator who works with a police officer, suddenly the officer is murdered by a drug dealer and the son of the officer saw that accident. back to the present now your character is the most famous veteran private investigator, and you got new young police officer as a partner. your quest is to solve the murder of a police officer. the murderer have so many clue that he left in crime scene to solve this you need to finish a puzzle or mini games about science whether its biology or chemistry. In the end of the story the suspect of recent murder is one of the police officer and you need to bust that officer and you win the game.

My part In this project

  • Fariz Ihsan Yazid 2101677091 – Create the story plot of the game, character persona, and design the game
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